MR400 HDD model

Hi guys, sorry for my language, hope you can help me.
I have problem with my MR 400 black
Just wondering, could you help me, do you know what HDD inside, I will try to change it, but currently, don’t know which model and Product Number is inside…
I heard it is SEAGATE , 500gb 2.5 "but don’t know PN, so if any of you could help me it would be great.
Thank you very much and really sorry I didn’t asked in german language…

For MR400 you could choose almost any 2.5" HDD, but you need the HDD case of the MR400/401.
For MR401 only Seagate ST500VT000-1DK142 and TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050V are supported.
As MR400 HDDs are supported on MR401 you can assume that either one or both were also used on MR400 and you should be on the safe side with those models on MR400.

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@Grinch, waren das nicht inzwischen drei oder vier Platten?

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Ja mittlerweile sinds 4:

"hddWhiteList": [
        "TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050V,AX0C1Q,*",
        "TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050V,AX1C1Q,*"

Aber die waren natürlich nie im MR400 :sweat_smile:

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Ach ja, bei der MagentaTV Box wäre auch noch folgendes Modell erlaubt:

WDC WD5000LUCX-63UAUY0,01.01A01,*
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Ist sogar „günstig“ ranzukommen an die Platte

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Thank you guys.
Really fast response,
I found out that these models are using these drives:
|Mediareciever 400|SEAGATE 2.5”|ST500VT000|
|Mediareciever 400|SEAGATE 2.5”|ST500VT000|
|Mediareciever 401 Type A |TOSHIBA 2.Type-A1ABD050V|

And really appreciate this, will try to find original, I’m very satisfied with this drive from SEAGATE

Does anybody knows which CPU and RAM memory they use?
Thank in advance,
cant find any official information…

Found it:

Manufacturer „Tatung Technology“ installed a much faster dual-core processor (Broadcom BCM7241) with 1.3 GHz.
In addition, 1024 MB RAM (DDR3) is now available.
The performance plus guarantees among other things a noticeably brisker operation of Entertain. Incidentally, the MR303 still had to make do with a single-core CPU and 400 MHz clock speed as well as 256 MB RAM.
Thanks to the passive cooling, there is no need to fear noise.